Demoniacal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Demoniacal:

The axle, which is likewise of wood, is never greased, and thus causes the demoniacal kind of music to which I alluded.

The waves still rolled on; but now he heard what seemed like wild, demoniacal laughter.

So this was the accursed one who had done the hellish deed, and it was human folly that had caused this demoniacal explosion.

Then from somewhere above him came such a trill of demoniacal laughter as chilled his blood.

Now and then a discharge from the guns accompanied by demoniacal yells would frighten poor Alice almost to death.

A demoniacal desire for a reckoning in full with one Jos Rosario sustained them.

One witch, on condition of receiving a pardon, agreed to show the demoniacal operations gone through at the "Sabbath" meetings.

The owner of this nickname, deprived of his demoniacal disguise, retired from the scene, covered with confusion.

The soul may also be regarded as active outside of the body, in the form of a demoniacal being.

The corpse particularly, and the sick person also, are held taboo because of the demoniacal magic proceeding from them.