Determines [verb]

Definition of Determines:

conclude, decide

Synonyms of Determines:

Opposite/Antonyms of Determines:

Sentence/Example of Determines:

In this case, the idea of a greater good determines him to deprive himself of one less desirable.

But as to what determines the interval between one key and another they have told us nothing.'

It decides what may with propriety be admitted to the essay, and it determines in part what must be left out.

Again, the position in the theme determines what kind of a paragraph should be used.

The fatal majority of three urban to two rural representatives still determines the measures of Government.

From Walden's work it appears that the dielectric constant finally determines the quantitative ionizing effect of a solvent.

Ben determines to ask his Papa to-morrow for Liberty to go home with me in April.

The nature of the great parts of this world indeed necessarily determines the nature of the animals that these parts contain.

The height to which the crystals settle in ten minutes determines, according to Dowd, the amount of phosphates!

It is not the form of government, it is the form of society, that determines the spirit of a land.