Discredits [verb]

Definition of Discredits:

blame, detract from

Opposite/Antonyms of Discredits:

Sentence/Example of Discredits:

It is by no means our purpose to seek to throw discredit on any of the great religions of the world.

Open opposition was impossible, but on the following Sunday an attempt was made to discredit the new ritual by a trick.

It is observations of this kind, particularly, that have served to discredit craniology as an independent science.

They compel their votaries always to run down those who discredit their pretensions.

Buonarrotti, suspicious of the whole design, did his best to discredit Mazzini among his own men.

But Sebastian had loved his second wife too well to seek to know the truth, if that truth would be to her discredit.

She believed what he had never told; and much that he related she chose to discredit—because she loved him.

Loath though I am to discredit so charming a story, duty compels me to state that it is wholly fictitious.

The government could no longer ignore, though it still strove to discredit, the danger of foreign intervention.

Captain Van Slyck has not been very friendly toward me, and a mutiny in the garrison would greatly discredit my administration.