Distinguishes [verb]

Definition of Distinguishes:

tell the difference

Opposite/Antonyms of Distinguishes:

Sentence/Example of Distinguishes:

Allen is training her bats to distinguish between two objects with different shapes.

This may help distinguish parts of a page that are counterintuitive for users.

Our bodies are coated in billions of sensory receptors registering pain, pressure, and temperature, and we have as many as 20 million olfactory receptor neurons, enabling us to distinguish between roughly a trillion different odors.

Both are elongated in shape, longer than they are wide, thus distinguishing them from more rounded clams.

The two have largely distinguished themselves by way of housing and transit policy.

People had been using several related terms, such as “strong AI” and “real AI,” to distinguish Minsky’s vision from the AI that had arrived instead.

This is how the social video app distinguishes itself from contemporaries like TikTok and Byte that are all ways for people to film short, shareable videos of themselves accompanied by music and special effects.

We need to learn to distinguish the different offices on the ballot and the candidates running for them.

To further distinguish political violence that was specifically produced by hate speech, I also factored in how much domestic terrorism the country had experienced in previous years and whether or not the country was experiencing a civil war.

QuickTake has over 100 video producers, editors and other staffers dedicated to building it, which Havens said was important to have right off the bat to distinguish the products internally.