Divisiveness [noun]

Definition of Divisiveness:

dispute, quarrel

Opposite/Antonyms of Divisiveness:

Sentence/Example of Divisiveness:

Consumer masks could soon come with labels saying how well they workProper education about how to wear masks and how efficient they can be has been hampered by the divisiveness over policies that require them.

Despite its divisiveness, “American Dirt” became a bestseller while sparking conversations about who gets to tell which stories.

Considering the current level of divisiveness, especially about the pandemic, if Parton doesn’t assume that task, whoever does is going to need Dolly Parton-level mass appeal.

Political conversations leading up to the election have been rich in disinformation and divisiveness, with online campaigns often pitting Jewish Americans against other groups of voters—especially other racial and ethnic minorities.

Instead, this triggered a degree of divisiveness the likes of which I’ve never seen.

We have the opportunity to change that in this upcoming election to let them know that kind of divisiveness is not going to work.

Former Assemblyman Rocky Chavez said he doesn’t think there is much divisiveness between the residents of Oceanside compared with his time as a city councilman in the early 2000s.

But just because divisiveness is natural, it does not follow that nothing can be done to keep men together.