Halted [verb]

Definition of Halted:

stop, cause to stop

Opposite/Antonyms of Halted:

Sentence/Example of Halted:

A leather swordbelt, gold-embroidered at the edges, carried a long steel-halted rapier in a leather scabbard chaped with steel.

The fleet of the enemy left the place where they last halted, and came in sight day before yesterday in the morning.

They halted, and while debating what best to do, a couple of guerrillas came riding towards them.

The band of guerrillas had seen them, and halted, and were scanning them carefully, as if debating whether to advance or not.

A fifty-mile breeze lashed us spitefully, tugging at our shirt-sleeves and drowning our voices, while we halted on that pinnacle.

Tressan halted, too, and turned upon Gaubert, a look of incredulity in his fat countenance.

We had no more than got fairly between the straight-up-and-down walls of it than Piegan halted us with a warning hand.

He halted too, and turned to her, studying her gentle face, seeking to guess her mind in the clear hazel eyes she raised to his.

Laura was halted again before she reached Market Street, and her father went on without 44 her, for it was now half-past eight.

On getting near, however, and perceiving that Randolph was holding his own, Douglas chivalrously halted his men.