Overcompensate [verb]

Definition of Overcompensate:

pay back, make restitution

Opposite/Antonyms of Overcompensate:

Sentence/Example of Overcompensate:

When the spine isn’t properly aligned other parts of your body will overcompensate and raise fatigue and stress levels.

Now, Lange says, defenses may be overcompensating for that trend and sealing the 3-point line at the expense of their 2-point defense.

In the superhero realm, the trend has been to make villains into victims, whether it's Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker being bullied and ridiculed into pathology or “Wonder Woman 1984’s” Maxwell Lord violently overcompensating for the love he never had.

Swift’s previous albums, wrote Laura Snapes for the Guardian, had been exhausting, filled with “the sense that one of pop’s all-time greatest songwriters is overcompensating despite her clear talent.”

As the energy factory breaks down, the authors explain, the cell sometimes tries to overcompensate, like pushing a damaged nuclear facility.

People with serious symptoms tend to have high levels of immune proteins linked to inflammation, a sign that the immune system failed to control the virus early during infection and is overcompensating in an effort to get it under control.