Undershirts [noun]

Definition of Undershirts:

clothing worn under outerwear

Synonyms of Undershirts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undershirts:


Sentence/Example of Undershirts:

Spots of blood were also noticed on the right sleeve of the prisoner's undershirt.

The door opened and Colston, in undershirt and trousers, bade him enter.

He had removed his coat and blouse and was down to his undershirt.

I had my $10,000 in bonds pinned in the sleeve of my undershirt.

For reply Courtlandt stood up and stripped to his undershirt.

Macnooder then claimed that the undershirt was manifestly sewed to the coat.

He said, "I have an undershirt on today," it was at some ballgame.

There was a shirt, undershirt and two socks hanging on a limb.

He uses vest, not in place of waistcoat, but in place of undershirt.

Some had only an undershirt; some, old trousers; and there were old hats of all kinds.