Unverifiable [adjective]

Definition of Unverifiable:

fictitious but well known

Synonyms of Unverifiable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unverifiable:

Sentence/Example of Unverifiable:

In either case, we are in the world of the unverifiable; we take a step in the dark.

That this knowledge should be mixed with much that was erroneous or unverifiable is not surprising.

The second thesis charges me with putting aside "as unverifiable" "everything beyond the bounds of physical science."

Does Mr. Lilly suppose that I put aside "as unverifiable" all the truths of mathematics, of philology, of history?

Let me begin with the first assertion, that I "put aside, as unverifiable, everything which the senses cannot verify."

It should be said that Professor Hyslop has perhaps overestimated the number of false and unverifiable incidents.

Many incidents or factors classed as false or unverifiable have been later found to be exact.

What he denied is a notion of freedom which seemed to him at once unverifiable, useless, and irrational.

The dogmatism of denial it has left as it found it, an unverified and unverifiable assertion.

The conditions of the problem so far transcend our grasp that any such speculation must remain an unverifiable guess.