Pessimist [noun]

Definition of Pessimist:

person who expects bad outcome

Synonyms of Pessimist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pessimist:

Sentence/Example of Pessimist:

He was not sanguine, and a French pessimist is the worst thing of the kind that is to be found.

Mark Twain was not a pessimist in his heart, but only by premeditation.

Mr. Clemens, you are not a pessimist, you only think you are.

Though very far from being a pessimist, he was not a man of foolish illusions.

The pessimist says "Business is not half as good as it would be if it was twice as good as it is."

I ain't what they call a pessimist, but I thinks poorly of most things.

Even Guatt Kirbey, the ship's pessimist, could find no objection to it.

At the same time he was no Pessimist and did not hold that life was altogether bad.

Do not pay too much attention to my Jeremiads; you know what a pessimist I am.

Since Silas was defeated for Register of Deeds he has become a pessimist.