Capitalism [noun]

Definition of Capitalism:

economic system of private ownership

Synonyms of Capitalism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capitalism:

Sentence/Example of Capitalism:

It’s using capitalism as a vehicle to access data that can help it disrupt democratic processes and create a more favorable global environment for its power.

We are making capitalism for everyone, by doing it as well as anyone.

On the other hand, I could say the technology that is a result of our capitalism produces efficiency, which theoretically would require less energy, which would theoretically in the long run, create opportunities for more growth with less energy.

That’s one thing that distinguishes American capitalism from the more regulated and moderated capitalism you see in much of Europe and in Canada.

Eventually, the rise of western liberalism, with its prioritization of the individual, capitalism and consumerism led to a new “face politics.”

Sanders’s momentum is particularly strong among young and progressive voters who think capitalism should be overhauled or, perhaps, replaced entirely.

He has been doing it all his life: making an example of social victims, the victims of his own class, of capitalism.

I had attempted the life of a great magnate; in him capitalism felt itself attacked.

And step by step, as the processes of capitalism culminated, this war increased in bitterness and intensity.

It is apparently forgotten that capitalism ruled by hereditary power.