Deforms [verb]

Definition of Deforms:

distort, disfigure

Synonyms of Deforms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deforms:

Sentence/Example of Deforms:

One reason is that the movements of Earth’s tectonic plates over time can squeeze and cook the rocks, deforming and chemically altering tiny fossils, perhaps beyond recognition.

Their genius travels over as many lines as there are lineaments in the figure, and the least false step would deform it.

With all this they have a Pair of Stays which reaches down to394 their Waist, and renders them compleatly deform'd.

Were she deform'd,The virtues of her mind would force a stoic To sue to be her servant.

Only frankness can serve me here or make plain all that was secretly at work to deform the natural development of our lives.

Our inheritance in many ways is precious and wonderful, but our human response can deform it.

It is clear, then, that whatever is contrary to these will generally degrade and deform it.

The teacher has at best a delicate flower which a little neglect or a little over training may deform or even kill.

When was there a time when composers did not deform their themes in amorous, rustic and warlike variations?

He opposes the doctors of divinity, because they darken and deform the teachings of the Master.