Deities [noun]

Definition of Deities:

god, worshiped being

Synonyms of Deities:

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Sentence/Example of Deities:

Indeed deities were in all countries considered quite above the moral obligations of men.

He believed in demons, spirits, and dragons, and in nearly every house were idols in honour of the imaginary deities.

But more characteristic than the erection of altars is the connection of deities with special localities.

Organisation ensues, and the general conceptions of state-deities and state-ritual are made more definite and precise.

Religion follows the new ideas, and in two of the older deities of the fields develops the notions of justice and war.

He carried within him an Olympia of his own, to the deities of which he did homage with all his soul.

Both deities are said to have continued to reside in these waters down to the present day.

To seek places where heathen deities were worshipped, was to sacrifice unto those idols, and to swear by them.

"The mountain deities were angered at your presumption," nodded Kano, well pleased.

The malignant deities were banished; the gods of light and warmth were dominant again; happiness and security had returned to man.