Disagreements [noun]

Definition of Disagreements:

dispute, quarrel

Opposite/Antonyms of Disagreements:

Sentence/Example of Disagreements:

I'm not sure that I have the whole story, but that's the foundation of it, and it led to bitter disagreements and fierce quarrels.

Their grand fighting qualities have run to seed in municipal disagreements and electioneering squabbles.

It was inevitable that such fundamental disagreements should lead to a general war.

Apart from the disagreements arising from a dual management, other causes contributed to the bitterness of the controversy.

It was but one of many unfortunate disagreements in which each side contended for what they believed to be just.

Or in spite of natural disagreements or differences, through the force of circumstances they become welded together in friendship.

Caresses, disagreements, and significant glances betraying secret intelligence, are all out of place in general company.

Banker Hring was a director in the earlier concerts but gave way to Clement because of disagreements.

The feudatory knights had disagreements among themselves, and carried on petty war against each other.

Three years later he resigned his charge owing to theological disagreements.