Resulted [verb]

Definition of Resulted:

happen, develop

Synonyms of Resulted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resulted:

Sentence/Example of Resulted:

To-day we see the evils that have resulted from that change.

In 1837, city rivalry ran so high that it resulted in the "battle of the bridge."

Some of them resulted in terrible disasters of shipwreck and death.

For why should the loss of his tail have resulted in the changed chemistry of the monkey's brain?

It is the shirking of these life-facts that has resulted so often in error.

This resulted (p. 178) in the retirement of the Allies on the 4th.

And this little understanding has resulted in too much unfair criticism.

This resulted from the move already spoken of at the gathering in Ohio in '70.

Then, in the confusion that resulted, Miko struck his great blow.

All were unsuccessful and resulted in severe casualties to the assailants.