Textures [noun]

Definition of Textures:

charactertistics of a surface

Synonyms of Textures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Textures:

Sentence/Example of Textures:

Textures and surfaces, too, fall within the range of linear expression.

The textures of their lives were fast weaving into one web of interest.

Unfortunately, flavors, odors, and textures are difficult to describe.

The skin of the sheep, in common with that of most animals, is composed of three textures.

The latter happens when the textures forming the joint have been destroyed by some independent organic affection.

The variety of tones will be greater, and the textures will appear richer.

Beyond the corroded parts the textures are acutely inflamed.

Serapes, faded and bright, of all hues and textures, were in evidence everywhere.

He was a good colorist and an excellent painter of textures.

Measurements and textures suggest that some weavings may have been mantles or other large wrappings.