Declarations [noun]

Definition of Declarations:

assertion of belief or knowledge

Opposite/Antonyms of Declarations:

Sentence/Example of Declarations:

Which, of course, I recognize that at no point in volume one do they make any explicitly romantic declarations.

Now, the tides have turned toward quieter declarations of identity, particularly as young people embrace more fluid expressions of sexuality and gender.

He has not made similar declarations about employee vaccines, but emphasized the value of employee vaccinations in a video address Monday.

We’ve also been hearing declarations that a “science of reading” proves that employing phonics in a particular war is the best and right path to teach young children how to read.

The declaration makes it illegal for US citizens to own Xiaomi stock.

The federal government also granted the District such a declaration in 2009 for President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Part of the problem is the newly introduced need to send mail with customs declarations, where before none would have been required.

Open the app, and there are profiles pushing doubt about the 2020 election’s results and declarations that the mainstream tech platforms are targeting free speech.

We are determined to bend the curve during the emergency declaration period.

Now, renters first must know about it, then file a declaration stating they cannot pay the rent and would likely be homeless if evicted.