Denounces [verb]

Definition of Denounces:

condemn, attack

Opposite/Antonyms of Denounces:

Sentence/Example of Denounces:

She subsequently apologized and voted for a Democratic resolution denouncing hatred, though Pelosi and other leaders did not heed GOP calls to remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Distancing himself from McCarthy’s approach, McConnell took the unusual step this week of publicly denouncing the “loony lies and conspiracy theories” of people such as Greene, whom he compared to a “cancer” in the party.

Then Georgia Republicans sent a QAnon supporter to Congress, which prompted McCarthy to falsely claim Marjorie Taylor Greene had denounced it herself.

And, in similar fashion, the elites being challenged were caught off guard by the suddenness and intensity and responded by denouncing those forces as misguided, misled and destructive.

In recent days former allies, including his political mentors and major donors, have denounced him.

McCarthy, like many Republicans, denounced the violence and did it rather early — including going on television to do so even as the situation was unfolding.

Through the process, Alexander Hamilton, the most influential Federalist, broke with his party and scribbled one letter after another denouncing Aaron Burr.

The doctor was denounced, and there were calls for an international moratorium on inheritable gene edits.

Camille François, Graphika’s chief innovation officer, said that when democratic governments get involved in disinformation, it makes it harder for them to denounce it in their own countries.

Warren was giving a speech on the Senate floor, denouncing then-attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, when Republicans invoked an obscure rule to silence her.