Disregards [noun]

Definition of Disregards:


Opposite/Antonyms of Disregards:

Sentence/Example of Disregards:

An impatient pupil who never learns anything thoroughly often disregards the rule about silent consonants.

If the finder knows who the owner is or has a reasonable clue to the ownership, which he disregards, he is guilty of larceny.

But the arrangement disregards the limitation, and takes the proposition for true simpliciter.

Woe to the pilot who disregards this friendly admonition, and runs on incredulous of the risk.

I shall never really forsake sin through shame or fear; one gets used to those emotions after a little and disregards them.

It takes no account whatever of the other world or life and entirely disregards the facts of Christian experience.

When he disregards all these tiresome things, he becomes a fop or a fanatic.

The translation disregards ni-ib for the sake of smoothness.

Because both are exclusive, and each disregards two elements of society.

The game of discontent has its rules, and he who disregards them cheats.