Distorts [verb]

Definition of Distorts:

deform; falsify

Synonyms of Distorts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distorts:

Sentence/Example of Distorts:

The decisions we make about where to live are distorted not just by politics that play down climate risks, but also by expensive subsidies and incentives aimed at defying nature.

Earlier studies about digital contact tracing have been widely distorted.

Because these new constellations are being deployed in lower orbits, they’re much brighter, leaving behind long bright streaks on the image and sometimes distorting other parts of the data.

They take a scientific pose to gain your confidence and then distort the facts to their own purposes.

That concept of distorting perception was important, Ginzel said.

Within other geographic or online communities, the science of vaccine safety, fluoridated drinking water and genetically modified foods is distorted or ignored.

The temptation to distort facts to make a good story is strong; I have seen it in my connection with the 'Courier.'

Shakspere's contemporaries don't imitate Nature, they distort it, give Passion, and no Reason.

Wherefore then should grief sadden and distort such blythe, such jocund, features as mine?

What he wants is not an enlightened and truthful agent, but a man who will distort the truth to suit his prejudices.