Dudes [noun]

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Still, it’s incredibly revealing that the second spinoff attempt, “Wayward Sisters,” was centered entirely around a group of female demon hunters, rather than being another recycled dude fest.

Oceanside mayor-elect Esther Sanchez won by a hefty margin against a lot of dudes on the ballot, and Encinitas incumbent Catherine Blakespear bested Julie Thunder.

He’s the dude, the boss, the man, and he helped to negotiate the 2015 deal with Lungu.

There’s some dudes that want to go work out, there’s some dudes that want to rest.

Because just think about it when you young and you playing ball on a playground and whatever, there’s some guys that want to play one or two games and there’s some dudes who want to play all day.

Hunting in America has long been associated with gun culture, something for dudes who love to drive big rigs and drink beer and shoot things.

Just afterwards, I had my chin with the real-estate dude, and I tell you it made me pretty blue.

The general plan of the structure was the same as that of many cabins being built in public parks and dude ranches.

Ten years from now, thar won't be a cow hand ner a gun outside a dude ranch er a rodeo.

Old Jeff referred to him as a dude, but the comment applied to mannerisms rather than clothes.