Types [noun]

Definition of Types:

class, kind

Synonyms of Types:

Opposite/Antonyms of Types:


Sentence/Example of Types:

These also were of tribes strange to him; but of East African types with which he was familiar.

The women are of all types, from the most loathsome to the most lovable.

Here we have suggested the possibility of two types of Christian life.

What then are the types of men which we should endeavor to produce?

It is more easy to mention the types which should not be allowed to multiply than those which should.

Americans are not all the types you have read of or the tourists you have met.

But what, after all, do we know of the types of life to be found on other planets?

I remember how, in one afternoon's work, we saw the two types most perfectly.

Didn't you invent a new motor-pump that drove all the other types out of the field?

Vibrating regulators are of the "constant" current or the "constant-voltage" types.