Patterns [noun]

Definition of Patterns:

design, motif

Synonyms of Patterns:

Opposite/Antonyms of Patterns:

Sentence/Example of Patterns:

The Germans use a greater variety of patterns than any other nation.

He tells me of the patterns bespoken which my mother mentioned to me.'

There is something d——d low in cutting about the country with patterns in a bag.'

The Darwinian thread is worked into a hundred patterns along with other threads.

Without direct evidence, we cannot assign a meaning to the patterns.

But behind them came a fourth, one he knew by the patterns on her body.

When there were two patterns of sleeves, which should she take?

There is no limit to the variety of the patterns that can be devised in this way.

Women are tattooed on the chest and arms with patterns of dots.

Dora Hastings, she told me about 'em, and made the patterns.