Dumpster [noun]

Definition of Dumpster:

container for rubbish

Synonyms of Dumpster:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dumpster:


Sentence/Example of Dumpster:

It was Currey, who explained that he had found her wallet in the dumpster, and that he would like to return it to her.

It wasn't as if sitting in the dumpster would infect it or something.

The cat sprang away, clawing up his face, leaping back onto the Dumpster.

The dumpster was seven feet cubed, the duckies a few inches on a side.

There were thousands and thousands of duckies in the dumpster: more than they could ever fit into the Buick.

I found the most amazing cosmetics baskets at the Shiseido dumpster.

Kurt, standing on something in the dumpster that crackled, reached down and grabbed him by the wrist and hoisted him up.

“Spidey-sense is tingling,” he said, as he killed his lights and crept forward to the dumpster.

He has dinner with a woman, then he takes her dumpster diving and comes home and goes to bed.

The Dumpster blocking their doorway groaned, and then it actually slid a few inches.