Entrails [noun]

Definition of Entrails:

internal organs

Synonyms of Entrails:

Opposite/Antonyms of Entrails:


Sentence/Example of Entrails:

My entrails were troubled in seeking her: therefore shall I possess a good possession.

There were augurs and haruspices to discover the will of the gods, according to entrails and the flight of birds.

It consists of the fattest parts of the entrails of the pig, broiled in an oven.

He instructs the Mother Serpent to slay a wild ox and conceal herself in its entrails.

The water-line is strewn with cast-off salmon heads and entrails.

Again the long dagger rose and fell, piercing the man's entrails.

In the morning, a pig which had eaten the entrails of the fish was found dead.

Clammed means starvation; that is, care killed the cat; for want of food the entrails get "clammed."

He bounds from the earth as if his entrails were hairs; le cheval volant, the Pegasus qui a les narines de feu!

In the temple a great quantity of rattlesnakes, kept as sacred objects were fed with the entrails of the victims.