Gobbets [noun]

Definition of Gobbets:

shard, flaw

Synonyms of Gobbets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gobbets:


Sentence/Example of Gobbets:

Our table is said to be such as would weary or revolt any but gobbet-bolting carnivores.

She used those very words, without a blink, and Pignaver swallowed the flattery as a dog bolts a gobbet of meat.

Colonel Gobbet was not allowed to enter Scotland, but was seized at Berwick and put in prison.

He picked them up in his hands, disregarding the butchered ends of the raw gobbet.

And a gobbet we have received of the civil laws, because of the equity that seemeth to be in them.

And now he had bitten off a piece of them, together with a gobbet of my own flesh.