Pedestrians [noun]

Definition of Pedestrians:

person traveling on foot

Synonyms of Pedestrians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pedestrians:


Sentence/Example of Pedestrians:

At the same moment, the pedestrians were struck by the officer's strange attitude.

The morning broke drearily for our friends, the two pedestrians, at the 'Blue Goat.'

They were pedestrians who had passed by and wandered in to see what was happening.

It was a beautiful day, and the Park was filled with pedestrians as well as carriages.

Nor were we, as it seemed, the only pedestrians to whom the district was strange.

And he revelled in contemplating, among the other pedestrians, this prey which belonged to him.

Some were wrestling, others on horseback mixed with the pedestrians.

Indeed, almost all the pedestrians walked in the middle of the street.

Pedestrians had turned up collars, and trousers at the bottom.

Midnight pedestrians and loiterers stopped and stared as the company passed.