Cheapening [verb]

Definition of Cheapening:

diminish worth

Synonyms of Cheapening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cheapening:

Sentence/Example of Cheapening:

I was a little child when an important movement for the cheapening of books began.

If there is any charity which deserves to be assisted by this local society, it is the cheapening of coals in the winter.

Charles Knight will ever be remembered with honour as the great pioneer in the cheapening of good literature.

She could endure anything better than such cheapening of herself in Forbes' eyes.

The cheapening process, therefore, is one directly antagonistic to the maintenance of taxation.

The cheapening the price of some of the prime necessaries of life would be to some extent divided between capital and labour.

It should be observed that the bookseller has not suffered alone in this cheapening process.

This undervaluation, this cheapening of child life, is to speak crudely but frankly the direct result of overproduction.

The patent spirit is ostensibly sold for blending purposes, and for cheapening finer spirit.

The cheapening of A´´´ thus even enlarges the demand for B´´´, C´´´, etc.