Defaced [verb]

Definition of Defaced:

mar, mutilate

Synonyms of Defaced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defaced:

Sentence/Example of Defaced:

There they denounced a statue of Albert Pike, a Confederate general, defaced it, toppled it with ropes and chains and set it ablaze.

The debate featured Dole equivocating on whether cigarettes are addictive, cross border sewage and a Perot supporter willing to deface the natural environment.

I am famous practise; for there is scarcely a day when I do not deface God's noblest work for others, or they for me.

Even the necessary filth of commerce cannot destroy, or scarcely deface the beauty of the country.

They are the last we shall give to show the extreme wildness and extravagance which deface the drama of Festus.

Nor was I willing to deface the pages of the work with explanatory notes.

In the sultry season of 1783, honey-dews were so frequent as to deface and destroy the beauties of my garden.

Since God has given you an agreeable countenance, do not deface his work—all the world will be gainers and yourself also.

For like as winter rasure doth alway arase and deface green summer, so fareth it by unstable love in man and woman.

It will go out of the way to injure, to deface, to uproot, to level with the dust.