Disappears [verb]

Definition of Disappears:

vanish; cease

Opposite/Antonyms of Disappears:

Sentence/Example of Disappears:

The color does not disappear upon boiling, which excludes diacetic acid.

The hills disappear some miles above this city, and henceforward to the sea all is flat and tame as a marsh.

Quinin causes them rapidly to disappear from the peripheral blood, and few or none may be found after its administration.

As I receded, the watery veil would disappear, and as I approached it would again take form.

Sometimes a trenchful of the enemy would fire a volley and half of them disappear through gullies leading to other cover.

The children watched him disappear around the curve and then turned to Jess expectantly.

They generally flutter for two or three minutes about the most elevated point of any object, and then disappear.

The rapidity of their decomposition is such, that when spread on the land they are seen to soften and disappear in a short time.

As soon as they disappear they make way for the "horn worm" who now takes his turn at a "chaw."

As the men passed him, three would spring from their horses and disappear in the brush, the fourth one riding on with the horses.