Draperies [noun]

Definition of Draperies:


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Sentence/Example of Draperies:

Her yellow curtains replaced the neoclassical pale blue draperies designed by Mark Hampton for George and Barbara Bush.

Tjarks, who owns a drapery company called Gotcha Covered, is a conservative Republican.

The drapery and drawing of the figures in the earlier examples are also exceptionally good.

Ronald looked at the mass of chiffon and the quivering fall of drapery before him and smiled.

Look more for the vibration of light and air on the flesh and drapery colors than for these colors in themselves.

This drawing is now covered with its drapery, which is drawn from the life in charcoal, or a frottée of some sort.

He was the first who painted woman with brilliant drapery and variegated head-dresses.

Nothing was changed in the cavern, where the drapery business had, however, started on a new life.

We should be only too happy, we modern artists, if we could touch the perfection of antique drapery.

We lined the hut with the bark of the paper-tree, which had the appearance of a reddish-brown drapery.