Embarkation [noun]

Definition of Embarkation:

beginning, inception

Synonyms of Embarkation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embarkation:

Sentence/Example of Embarkation:

Such is the picture of the hasty embarkation, given by some of the attendants on the royal family.

Newton, as soon as his father was settled and his own affairs arranged, called upon his uncle previous to his embarkation.

But this hour or two of embarkation, in which so much really happened, left little impression on my mind.

From the officers' deck the picture of embarkation appeared in outline rather than in detail.

The embarkation was made not without difficulty, for the banks were partly flooded and the boat could not get in near enough.

Neither the harbour nor the town was tenable any longer, and orders were given for the embarkation of the troops.

Nelson seems to have been intrusted with the embarkation of the prisoners in the transports which were to take them to Toulon.

Already the frail embarkation was tossed about like an egg-shell.

George received a telegram ordering him to be in readiness to sail at any moment and finally an order for embarkation.

There is not the least appearance of the embarkation of troops for America, nor any intelligence of transports taken up.