Encumbering [verb]

Definition of Encumbering:

bother, burden

Synonyms of Encumbering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Encumbering:

Sentence/Example of Encumbering:

How infinitely better such books than pamphlets on political economy, for example, now encumbering the whole land!

When, therefore, the encumbering folds of the blanket descended, it was too late to resist.

He seemed to have shed his blundering, encumbering personality, and come to life as a disembodied intelligence.

All non-combatants and refugees should go to the rear and be discouraged from encumbering us.

Were he but free from these encumbering robes; were he but a man like the poet or the Chevalier!

In the latter case, as they had no encumbering blankets, it would have gone ill without a roaring camp-fire.

This supports the heavy mass of growth without encumbering the upper blooming part.

With a nimbleness quite foreign to my natural habits I detached the encumbering chute and jumped and danced upon the sward.

Mr. Darling and his encumbering steed reached Raggedy Cove about an hour after sunset.

If she missed a word it was sure to be the wrong one to miss—one necessary to, instead of encumbering the meaning.