Reciprocally [adverb]

Definition of Reciprocally:

as one

Opposite/Antonyms of Reciprocally:


Sentence/Example of Reciprocally:

The man is worth so much, his trade is worth the same; and reciprocally.

Reciprocally: Is history, as many believe, the offspring of writing?

And reciprocally, why should they spare the property of him who spared it so little himself?

This is done by articles agreed to, and reciprocally signed.

Milly in the heart breeds Milly in the brain, And this reciprocally that again?

And they all went into raptures, amazed, but reciprocally credulous.

It is true that air and light are reciprocally an object for the plant.

It was so amazing that, for a little, it made us reciprocally stare.

But these two forces, the me and the not-me, are reciprocally limitative.

Lovers in their betrothals engaged to observe it reciprocally.