Dandies [noun]

Definition of Dandies:

ladies' man

Synonyms of Dandies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dandies:


Sentence/Example of Dandies:

In 1819 he was enrolled among the most distinguished dandies who graced Parisian society.

Coronado was dressed, on this spring morning, precisely as American dandies then dressed for summer promenades on Broadway.

It is not always on dukes and rope-dancers, actors and dandies that my Lady Castlemaine casts her hungry glance.

They seem to prey upon the public in two battalions—that of the dandies and that of the military men.

A pair of slender French dandies outwardly scorned, but inwardly admired his athletic figure, so visibly powerful, even in repose.

The young dandies did not venture to laugh; the judges were affected; and for a moment truth was completely triumphant.

There were other boys who, in consequence of amply provided spending money, were the town dandies.

There were introductions all around, much smart badinage among town dandies, for most of them were here.

Bands of real or artificial flowers encircled the heads of the dandies, the artificial flowers made in enamels or gold.

Have you reflected what your present position means to that inimitable prince of dandies, Sir Percy Blakeney?