Dragooning [verb]

Definition of Dragooning:

frighten, threaten

Synonyms of Dragooning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dragooning:

Sentence/Example of Dragooning:

Success to cross-roads, blind galloways, helter-skelter dragooning, and blink-eyed farmers!

The Rebels succeeded in dragooning but very few of them into their ranks.

We had no force with which to make any serious attack upon it, so that it was a day's dragooning, "all cry and little wool."

"Or, as we used to say when I was dragooning thirty years ago, 'the tongue will scarcely meet the buckle,'" responded the colonel.

This was the dragooning system now to be carried out in Sindh.

The dragooning was attempted, but Virginia refused to yield.

He suspected the sort of angelic dragooning to which she was subject from his dear Mrs. Temple.