Flotation [noun]

Definition of Flotation:

something that holds up structure

Synonyms of Flotation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flotation:

Sentence/Example of Flotation:

But this mercury flotation, as applied to the Crossley telescope, is a delusion, as I think Mr. Crossley had already found.

The iron helm, jack-boots, and other accoutrements of a seventeenth century trooper were not calculated to assist flotation.

He knew very well what Osterman referred to by "Flotation of company," and also who was the "desirable party" he spoke of.

Leadville stocks are never on the exchange, and “flotation” and “promotion” have been almost unknown.

Then the reading of the scale at the line of flotation, added to the number on the weight, gives the reading required.

"Thank you for leaving it here for the present to see us through the flotation," and he laughed.

Perhaps it would be better if you could prevail upon him to stop there until after the flotation.

Such are demand deposits, stock-market orders, and the flotation of securities.

They've asked me to handle the flotation of stock and the placing of the bonds.

What he had found was the rule which governed the partial flotation of his body in water.