Judicature [noun]

Definition of Judicature:

area of authority

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Sentence/Example of Judicature:

Oaths taken in courts of judicature, civil or religious, and the marriage oath, bind the parties in like manner.

Whatever is incident to a court of judicature, is necessary to the House of Commons, as judging in elections.

In what court of judicature shall we find such another instance?

It seems to your Committee to be moulded in the essential frame and constitution of British judicature.

In every province special courts of judicature were established to watch over the execution of the edicts.

But it can never be conceived that the inferior clergy had any share in this high judicature.

What would society be if there were no public judicature, and if every one did not exercise his judgement respecting another?

Hence I was always wronged in courts of judicature, where there are ever to be found wicked men.

We had twice in this month found occasion to assemble the court of criminal judicature.

Crow, therefore, was lodged in the custody of the civil power, and ordered for trial by the court of criminal judicature.