Operatic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Operatic:

For that one measure, his operatic fate was trembling in the balance.

"And a good thing it was for the operatic stage," chuckled the man.

She spoke the easy French of the boulevards, the easier Italian of the operatic stage.

Then there is Undine, but she only appears on the operatic stage, and that but rarely.

Of the operatic fantasias there are perhaps a hundred or more.

What has philosophy, religion, politics to do with operatic music?

The roll of operatic composers in France is long and honourable.

Her fame on the operatic stage is a matter of the present, in spite of her death.

Well, 't is kind o' operatic an' skallyhootin' up an' down the scale.

All operatic, vague, imaginary,—some of it expressly untrue.