Sleety [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Sleety:

The day was dark and lowering, with occasional showers of cold and sleety rain.

It was a snowy and sleety April morning, and she had already had experience of its rigour. '

Peter turned that over in his mind the whole of a raw and sleety February.

It was a dark, sleety night, for cold weather had just set in.

He answered with a sleety chill: "You care more for the dog than you do for me."

Though a drizzly, sleety day, it did not dampen our ardor—nor that of the mosquitos.

The wind blew, and the sleety rain fell, and I went back to the inn.

The roads were sleety and skiddy, and required careful driving.

The clatter of sleety rain against the windows made him restless.

Slow faring through the sleety drizzle, they have got to the Champ-de-Mars: Not there!