Acidulated [adjective]

Definition of Acidulated:

bad-tasting; gone bad

Synonyms of Acidulated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Acidulated:

Sentence/Example of Acidulated:

All were bathed in acidulated water; out of the cup came the two ends of wire—the poles to speak technically.

It is insoluble in alcohol, soluble in water, and rapidly dissolved by slightly acidulated water.

The acidulated fluid is not invariably water with sulphate of copper dissolved in it.

Their drink of luxury is a glass of iced water, slightly acidulated.

The wash water is sufficiently acidulated by the addition of two or three drops of acid per litre.

So far as I know, the method of washing in acidulated water was first proposed by Mr. T. Gray.

First of all, as much acidulated water as can be taken up with comfort is injected: after a minute or so this is passed off.

They often occur in cavities which have been formed by the erosive action of acidulated water, in the way described in pars.

(Acidulated; Gargarisma cinchon acidus, L.) Hydrochloric acid, 11⁄2 fl.

The immersion of the hands in alkaline lyes, or strongly acidulated water, has a like effect.