Chapel [noun]

Definition of Chapel:

church room

Synonyms of Chapel:

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Sentence/Example of Chapel:

The private chapel, built out from the house on the side next Calne, had not been used for years and years.

In 1763 the chapel was enlarged, and at the same time a little more land was added to the graveyard.

Happening to cast his eyes that way, he saw a light where he had never seen one before—in the little unused chapel.

Dr. Ashton walked out of the chapel, and Val stood for a few moments where he was, looking up and down in the dim light.

The old Wesleyan chapel, in Martin Street, was fitted up for schools in 1865.

I've seen him prowling about the grounds: and the night of the marriage he was mounted up at the chapel window.

The battle ended in a victory for both sides, chapel and theatre alike being crammed.

The priest had given it to him for taking care of the chapel and the priest's room, and a little rent besides.

He went back to Manila, and with the help of his friends built a chapel in honour of the saint.

This chapel is situated near the Imperial Palace, to which it is connected by means of a covered gallery.