Coronations [noun]

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From Lisbon the ambassador was summoned to attend the coronation of the Emperor and to take his place among the Marshals.

The night was passed at anchor off the northernmost Coronation Island.

In conformity with precedents, the coronation was distinguished by the grant of new honours.

Each of those named took the posts which, at a real coronation, etiquette would have assigned to them.

It was stated in the house of commons shortly after the coronation that the expenses incurred for the coronation of George IV.

Among these are coronation coaches, state coaches, funeral coaches, guest coaches and private coaches.

A court is not complete without handsome coronation jewels to be worn at coronations and great state balls.

This was seen by the patience the Queen and he showed during the coronation in England and India.

Shortly after their coronation the King and Queen showed that they are fond of many of the mediæval traditions.

A memorable little action, and almost symbolic in the first Prussian Coronation.