Differences [noun]

Definition of Differences:

dissimilarity, distinctness

Opposite/Antonyms of Differences:

Sentence/Example of Differences:

These differences of interests will lead to disputes, ill blood, and finally to separation.

Curious differences appear in respect of the completeness of this linear noting or enumerating of features.

Odd differences, reflecting differences of intelligence, show themselves in the management of this diagram of the human face.

For nature knows of no such differences in original capacity between the children of the fortunate and the unfortunate.

The differences in the three great makers seems to be now decided to consist in fullness of tone and quantity of power.

Great differences are observed in the quality of the soils yielded by different rocks.

The differences are here very remarkable, especially in the quantity of ammonia, which is exceedingly large in the first sample.

By studying in this way he can come to know something of the differences between things and their relations to each other.

However great and inexplicable these differences may be, it is not the business of the valuator of a manure to discuss them.

In these whirlings great differences in atmospheric pressure are brought about in contiguous areas of sea.