Flank [noun]

Definition of Flank:

haunch of an animate being

Synonyms of Flank:










Opposite/Antonyms of Flank:


Sentence/Example of Flank:

The toxins sink in to porous, easily detached hairs on the rat’s flanks.

With no limits atop the panels, Senate Democrats can languish in the middle flank of the dais for decades.

A forward in her early years, O’Hara is also adept in an advanced position on the flanks.

In many ways, the fight hasn’t been nearly what the left flank of the Democratic Party might have wanted — or what Kennedy’s GOP colleagues pretended it was.

One day, they all had a picnic on the scrubby flank of a hill, under a brutal sun.

Done, says he, why let fifty of our men advance, and flank them on each wing.

But one battalion was isolated on a spur, from which there seemed no way of escape save under a scorching flank fire.

He usually seizes his prey by the flank near the hind leg, or by the throat below the jaw.

Then came the turn of the Manchesters, left in the lurch, with their right flank hanging in the air.

It was a most difficult and dangerous operation, for at any moment the Archduke John might appear on the exposed right flank.