Shepherding [verb]

Definition of Shepherding:

guide physically

Synonyms of Shepherding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shepherding:

Sentence/Example of Shepherding:

Shepherding was not a peaceful pursuit in those bygone days.

I suppose she's been shepherding those destroyers that we've just finished with.

Boy Blue must have brought it up to read to Bo-Peep in the intervals of shepherding.

They could only be some of Togo's cruisers "shepherding" the fleet.

This is the tale of the midnight shepherding of the 'heir of John' by Arcoll and his irregulars.

She's young, so we haven't tried to train her for shepherding.

The mounted police were shepherding Chukkers off the course into the Paddock.

“Decidedly, I shall be sorry to have done with shepherding,” said Richard as he ate.

Kemp, conspicuous in his ugly German khaki, was shepherding them upwards.

In shepherding his flock he had the assistance of his senior disciples.