Delinquencies [noun]

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The financial distress indicated by this high rate of delinquency is undermining both the physical and mental health of young adults.

Earlier this year, the board unanimously agreed to cut fees in its juvenile justice system and end the collection of juvenile delinquency debt.

Credit card and mortgage delinquencies were lower in the third quarter than they were a year earlier—which is not what you would expect to see in a country in which around 800,000 or more people make new filings for unemployment support each week.

In July, Capital One reported a loss for the quarter despite delinquencies actually going down.

It can also place children who are exposed to the violence at risk for behavioral issues, including delinquency and violence.

But for the delinquency of his son, she had ocular demonstration; and her indignation was hardly to be repressed.

Juvenile delinquency itself has been the subject of much research (especially in the United States) during the past fifty years.

(i) There was a substantial increase in juvenile delinquency during the Second World War.

This knowledge is of great importance in diagnosing maladjustments that might lead to delinquency.

This feeling of insecurity renders the child more susceptible to influences leading to delinquency.