Maturities [noun]

Definition of Maturities:

adulthood, full growth

Opposite/Antonyms of Maturities:

Sentence/Example of Maturities:

Though we are not told the age of Lazarus we judge that he was at most no more than in man's maturity.

This earth will not do for a Christian in the maturity of his character.

It is, indeed, only in maturity that we know how lovely were our earliest years!

Claret for youth, say I, sack for maturity, and strong waters in old age.

He grinds the grains of maturity or the herbs that make the elixir of life.

The greater the pity that it was not brought to maturity by its author.

Tobacco also thrives there, but comes to maturity with difficulty.

If we are ever to reach the Heights of Maturity we must spend ten years in the Teens.

The younger man had attained to the maturity of full manhood.

The choice should depend on the accessibility and maturity of the wood.