Fieriest [adjective]

Definition of Fieriest:

passionate; on fire

Opposite/Antonyms of Fieriest:

Sentence/Example of Fieriest:

The fiery colors are mirrored in the waters of Eagle Lake, Long Pond, and Jordan Pond and are best experienced by kayak.

It was spicy, but not in a fiery way, just enough to tickle my throat.

Then, when the invasion was over and Congress resumed in the late evening, Representative Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican, took to the House floor and blamed antifa during a fiery speech.

Whether it will continue into next year is going to be a fiery debate over the offseason.

An F1 car bursting into flames is a much rarer event—Grosjean's fiery crash is the first for over 30 years, and the sight of flames strikes a kind of primal fear, bringing to mind drivers like Roger Williamson and Niki Lauda.

One aspect of that plan was cooking for myself, but it quickly became clear that this project was more likely to result in my fiery death than an edible meal.

It must survive a fiery reentry before landing in Australia.

On Sunday night, December 13, countless meteors will shoot across the sky as space particles burn up in our atmosphere and meet a fiery end.

To this, it is greatly to be feared, the fiery Southerns will not submit without an armed struggle.

The shells came from Asia and Achi Baba:—in a fiery shower, they fell upon the lines of our front trenches.