Fleshier [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fleshier:

After another solemn inspection of Aristide, he stuck a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on his fleshy nose and perused the documents.

The fleshy woman climbed into the tonneau and held the still shrieking girl.

He had a roundish face, a little fleshy under the chin, a soft-lipped mouth that from habit he held slightly pursed, muddy eyes.

A fleshy girl who was near the group but not of it, had been viewing this lovely landscape with pleasure.

Ruth had come to the foot of the steps now with Helen and the fleshy girl, whom the chums had hailed gladly as "Jennie Stone."

"Your friends evidently love you, my dear," she said, patting the fleshy girl's plump cheek.

"And you never said a word about coming here when you wrote to us down South," Helen said, eyeing the fleshy girl curiously.

Evidently somewhat oppressed by the attentions of the instructor, Helen and Heavy had disappeared into the fleshy girl's room.

However, the fleshy girl soon learned that if she was to have a reasonable time for breakfast she must be up betimes.

The muzzle is almost cylindrical; its cheeks are nearly of an equal breadth, and the lips are fleshy and very thick.